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A full mouth series of eighteen x-rays is crucial in determining a comprehensive diagnosis and establishing an appropriate treatment plan.

If this is your first visit

If you have a full mouth series of x-rays available from your previous dentist, taken within the last five years, please request that they be forwarded to our office prior to your first visit in order to avoid delays or the need to take unnecessary x-rays. We will still need to take four to six check-up x-rays in order to fully assess your dental health and help us recommend a treatment plan that suits your specific needs.

If you do not have a current full mouth series of x-rays, we will take them during your first visit.

X-Rays and Radiation Exposure

The latest advances in dental x-ray, is in the area of digital capturing of images. Digital x-rays expose the patient to a much lower dose of radiation for a much shorter period of time, and are therefore significantly safer than traditional x-rays. We use digital x-rays for these reasons at our office, and rest assured, we will only take x-rays when they are necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Digital x-rays expose the patient to a much lower dose of radiation than traditional x-rays.

Check-up X-rays

In order to maintain an accurate picture of your dental health on an on-going basis, the American Dental Association recommends that check-up x-rays be taken every six to twenty-four months. This check-up will typically involve four to six x-rays. Every three to five years, a full mouth series of eighteen separate x-rays is highly recommended to enhance the clinical diagnosis.